Grief meditation

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This season-opening begins with something that we often encounter in our lives. Friends and relatives leave, each one in their own way, and then each of us stays back confronted with the feelings of grief and loss. The loss of a loved one changes us and affects us completely. It is not certain that we can overcome it fully, we just somehow learn to live with it. We take many lessons, which we are called to remind ourselves and apply them in daily life. We may have lost friends, relatives and acquaintances for various reasons. Our reaction and acceptance for each loss is completely different, especially when the person who passed away has lost the battle with some disease. All this pain can be transformed into something creative. In this meditation we immerse deep in ourselves for better expression and understanding of this situation, to respect the journey of a soul that has decided to move on. With my simple understanding, I hope you find it useful if you have experienced or are experiencing something like this and need a little guidance to make the outcome. Grief is another tool to work on our selfishness. To be able to think about what is best for the passing soul. It is very difficult to admit sometimes that every soul leaves at the best time for it or that the soul itself chooses when it will leave. I do not know how one can be properly prepared to face the loss and grief, but when that happens, the pain needs to be expressed and transformed. Meditation is a very powerful tool to work the emotions and the mourning in the body. It helps us understand grief and heal the wounds.

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