Sweet dreams, my angel!

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Due to the busy lifestyle most of us lead, sleep difficulties are becoming more and more frequent. Better sleep is connected with better life quality. Some of the habits that can lead us to better sleep are for example reading a book in physical form before going to bed, and of course meditation. We release the intensity of the day and let the mind and body rejuvenate. In this episode we use binaural beats at 432 Hz, which means we listen to a different frequency in each ear. We start with Alpha waves, go to Theta and finally to Delta waves to achieve deep sleep. If possible, we recommend listening to this meditation with headphones for best results. We envision traveling in a fluffy cloud until we meet our guardian angel. Sweet dreams! Find a quiet place, put away your phone or any other distraction and concentrate on yourself. If you are driving or doing something that needs your attention, please download it and listen to it when it’s time to relax. Enjoy! Written by Chryssa Kourenta, Joanna Bakratsa. Narrated by Joanna Bakratsa. Music by Chryssa Kourenta. Recorded at OpenStudio Post.

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