Jenni Lund - Kona and Costa Rica

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Jenni had become expert at many sports, vocations, missions, but, at 55, living in Hawai’i, she was still ruled by an old story of “I can’t surf, I’m too old to learn, it’s never going to happen.” When Covid hit, she found herself surrendered to the call she had been hearing her whole life, breaking through the fear and doubt, and committing. And did she ever commit! Following a surf epiphany, she uprooted her life, scooped up her teenage son, turned over her home and business, and bailed Hawai’i for nearly a year in Costa Rica. After a brief return to the islands, she decided to sell everything she owns and charge back into the unknown, pura vida style. Jenni is one of my personal sheroes for modeling how to jump through what she calls “windows of opportunities,” being willing to be uncomfortable, and absolutely going for it. We also had a lot of laughs in this episode - hope you enjoy!

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