Surfer Stacey Mac - Costa Rica

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Manage episode 342241488 series 3359513
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Starting at 43 in Boston (!!!), Surfer Stacey Mac rocketed into a pro career as a SUP surfer, defining diehard as she chased hurricanes across state lines to hone her skills. A natural adrenaline junkie, Stacey funneled her focus into her newfound passion, creating a career as a competitor, judge and instructor and moving full time to Costa Rica. But there was a shadow side to her success. In this episode, Stacey shares for the first time how bipolar disorder contributed to that hyperfocus and relentless energy level. And now, choosing to manage her condition with less volatility, she’s learning to deal with the middles, and the meh’s. We also dig into that verboten subject—menopause—and the specific challenges we face as surfers, like weight gain and lack of motivation, along with the gifts of I-don’t-give-a-fuck, and no more periods! Stacey also shares real-world advice about surfing as a bigger woman, her own struggles, and her stoke. Learn more about Stacey on Facebook and Instagram at @surferstaceymac.

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