Curvy Surfer Girl Elizabeth Sneed, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Manage episode 335073089 series 3359513
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Elizabeth has overcome so many obstacles on her shero’s journey to becoming the Curvy Surfer Girl - a harrowing childhood, very real near drowning, a landlocked life, and zero representation of surfers who look like her. She has not only returned from her ordeal with shining success, but she has brought back an elixir--her gift of inspiring and uplifting women! In this interview, she gets absolutely raw about her struggles, especially the negative voices that nearly killed her dream, and what exactly she does to work through them. She bares her heart and soul with spine-chilling moments of her call to the sea despite true and real terror of the ocean. And she absolutely ROCKS her joy. Elizabeth speaks as the voice of the Curvy Surfer Girl movement, but you will feel as if she speaks for you. Her honesty, courage, commitment, and humility is deeply inspiring.
Connect with Elizabeth on IG at @curvysurfergirl or, follow inspired items now and her new full line launching in Spring on, and listen to more about Elizabeth's near drowning story on Katelyn Parson's Body Truth podcast.

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