Shimmy Cast Episode #12

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Episode 12 is available for download.
40:27 minutes 24.3MB
In this episode you'll hear:
1)Podcast-safe music: Jidah noh from the album The Path Beyond by Tim Rayborn, which is available at
2) Answers to the Question of the Week: What is your favorite dish to take to a hafla?
The next question: What is your favorite costume or costume piece and why?
3)News - see forum board for links.
4)Review: CD Eternal Egypt Musical Influences of Ancient Times composed by Grayson Wells reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.
6)Article: Excerpt from Belly Dance Costumes By Salome.
7)Podcast-safe music: Sokol Mi Leta from the album Opium by Jesse Manno, which is available at

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