Ep 251 - Suzannah

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Like many of us, Suzannah is on a journey of self-discovery. A few years back she was in a long-term relationship and cheated on her partner multiple times. In fact, infidelity was a recurring theme in her relationships until she found her way to the ethical and consensual side of non-monogamy. We have a great conversation with her about what that journey looked like and what was holding her back. She also shares with us the amazing impact that going to sex clubs and parties by herself had on her confidence and her social EQ. There are so many beautiful lessons weaved into this conversation and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Beyond being a badass in her personal life, Suzannah is crushing it on the professional side as well. She is a feminist writer with over 8,000 articles published, a board-certified sexologist, and she's a sex and relationship educator and coach. Find all of her work on her website at suzannahweiss.com. Check out the full show notes here. Skip the ads and sign up for the Premium Feed! Click here to order your very own NNM shirt! Click here to learn about our upcoming in-person events! Click here to join our upcoming Virtual Meet and Greets!

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