Ep 250 - Mel + AJ

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This is Mel and AJ's second time exploring non-monogamy together. Their first time was in 2018 during a particularly challenging time in their marriage. They came very close to ending their marriage and ultimately pulled back from ENM to work on themselves and their relationship. Now they've been married about 10 years and have two kids together. In early 2021, they decided to give it another shot. However, this time they are in one of the best places they've ever been together and have done a ton of work on themselves. The conversation we have is super honest and vulnerable about how they got to this point... And it wasn't easy. Check out the full show notes here. Skip the ads and sign up for the Premium Feed! Click here to order your very own NNM shirt! Click here to learn about our upcoming in-person events! Click here to join our upcoming Virtual Meet and Greets!

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