198: Finding creativity in Sobriety, Susan from Hola Sober Magazine

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Janey talks about the mood of the nation after the death of Queen Elizabeth
This podcast was recorded before the Queen’s death so no reference is made – Susan is the editor and creator of Hola Sober an alcohol free magazine for women

Janey was on Talk TV recently talking about Whether Sobriety is Cool (spoiler alert – it is!!)
You can watch the interview here https://www.thesoberclub.com/is-sobriety-cool-janey-on-talk-tv/
There is still space on our Sober Coach Training programme which starts on September 30
Get in touch if you are at the stage where you want to inspire others
Janey @imperfectlynatural.com
Reach out if you’re struggling, you can always contact Janey on social media

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