Is chemical sunscreen toxic? We don't know.

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In this video, by looking at press releases, interviews, and scientific papers, I show very clearly that the FDA does not specifically endorse the use of chemical sunscreen nor does it call chemical sunscreen safe. Rather, FDA explicitly says that chemical sunscreens are NOT Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective (GRASE), allowing their use only as a kind of grandfathering until safety data has been obtained over the next few years, in light of recent data suggesting that blood concentrations exceed those at which automatic safety is granted to chemicals from sunscreens. Indeed, if companies do not submit adequate safety data in the coming years, FDA has threatened to remove approval of these sunscreens. FDA very strongly endorses the use of sunscreen but leaves it deliberately unclear whether this should be chemical or mineral sunscreen. Senior scientists at the FDA, press releases from FDA, editorials in JAMA, etc. all make it clear that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide sunscreens are a viable alternative to chemical sunscreens for those who are concerned about the current lack of data, until such data are forthcoming. Neutrality with respect to chemical sunscreens and a recognition that chemical sunscreens are of unclear safety is the current position of the FDA—not an endorsement of chemical sunscreens. Having the position that one might prefer to use mineral sunscreen rather than chemical sunscreen until better safety data are available is neither imprudent nor is it misinformation out of line with the position of regulatory agencies.


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