Andres Preschel interviews Kevin Bass

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From original description:

"When it comes to nutritional science and social media it can be uniquely challenging to differentiate fact from hype. Here today, to help us unpack the topic of scientific influencers and misinformation is Kevin Bass, an MD and Ph.D. student, and founder of The Diet Wars, a site dedicated to upholding evidence-based nutritional research and exposing figures who spread nutritional and scientific misinformation online. We dig into how social media can incentivize the spread of misinformation, why these systems need to change, and take a closer look at the growing community of evidence-based nutritional science experts and influencers online. Tuning in, you’ll learn how to identify legitimate scientific influencers, and what red flags you should look out for when trying to avoid misinformation. Kevin also breaks down key areas of misinformation including how to combat sun damage, the so-called harms of seed oils, and how saunas can realistically benefit your health. Combating misinformation online is a huge challenge, but we can all find ways to better navigate the online space by thinking critically and by asking the right questions. Tune in for this important conversation on nutritional science, social media, and much more!"


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