24: What Have You Learned: Remembering Our Essence with Suzanne Botello, PhD

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In this final outside interview of the "What Have You Learned" sub-series, Shannon welcomes back to the Podcast Suzanne Botello, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and LPC. Suzanne Brings 35 years as at therapist to her learning, but in this episode shares how she has come face to face with her own inner magical child and the essence of who she really is. After years of serving others, she's been exploring incredible art with Soul Collage in her own process and the work of Seena Frost.
Tune in for step by step ways to access your own intuition in this collage work, and for inspiration on how to connect to your own sense of magic and wonder underneath the struggle of the day to day that keeps us all forgetting our goodness at times!
To see incredibly inspiring copies of Suzanne's intuitive cards including" The Archetype Cards of her Guide, The Goddess, The Joyful Essence, the Council Spirit, and her own personal Coper and Too Much shadow cards, go to www.facebook.com/innerpeacerising. To contact Suzanne for personal work through her Telehealth private practice:
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