25: What Have You Learned: Turn the Tables! Shannon gets interviewed on how we are not alone

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In this 25th episode, Shannon has the tables turned....she is interviewed by her Assistant for Inner Peace Rising Kelsey Landstrom. Kelsey helps Shannon to share her own wisdom around lessons recently....how hard it has been to remember that she is not alone. Shannon opens up around the ways she's had to ask for help from others when she feels like she has do it all by herself, and the relief that's come from the asking.
She shares the knowing that we are deeply loved no matter what, and how she keeps remembering over and over again.
Have you ever felt alone? Like you have to do all of it the hard way, or have all the responsibility? This episode is for you.
Have you ever felt so vulnerable in asking for help? This episode is for you.
Join us for the final installment of the "What Have Your Learned" series, to see how connected and supported we all truly are together.
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