23: What Have You Learned - Annette Avery and Facing Change

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In Episode 23, Shannon interviews Community Leader and Small Business Owner Annette Avery.
Annette has been a heroine for a long time as The Co-Owner of The Bright Side Bookshop and the Leader of The Best Life Ever Foundation (BLE). BLE is devoted to the memory of her husband Nate Avery who took this on as his life motto..."Live your Best Day Ever." She work up the day after his tragic death 8 years ago and knew she had a choice in how to show up for herself and their 3 children.
She shares her incredible insight around facing uncertainty and choice around change. You'll hear the ways she has shown up that keep modeling genuine Grace in action and offer all of us a moving perspective.
May her journey be a light in your day, and in the next decision you face!
For additional help in facing change, and information on upcoming coaching classes with Shannon please contact Shannon directly:

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