22: What Have You Learned - Letting Go of Certainty with Rebekah Kaufman

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In Episode 21, Shannon interviews Barre 3 Studio Owner, Instructor and Coach around her current lessons. Rebekah helps women to find their bliss in so many ways and her wisdom shines through in this episode!
She shares her own steps to dealing with uncertainty, and what it has been like to close her Barre 3 studio through Covid-19, furlough a beloved staff, deal with fear and help herself drop into a fearless space while so many unknowns exist.
She shares her optimism as the studio prepares to open again, and how she's avoided spiritual by-pass in bravely facing emotion as it's come up for her so she can be authentic and present for those she serves.
You'll hear examples of mantra, tips for how she gets into her calm response, and be inspired as we can move forward together in some ways that we learn with Rebekah!
For additional help in facing uncertainty, and information on upcoming coaching classes with Shannon please contact Shannon directly:

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To support Barre 3 Flagstaff and find classes as the studio reopens go to: https://barre3.com/studio-locations/flagstaff

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