21: Asking for Help; Interview with Anna Robertson in the What Have You Learned S Series

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If you've ever felt alone, like you had to do it all yourself, or felt clunky and awkward letting others in, this show is yours!
In this episode, Shannon interviews Anna Robertson, Graduate Student and practitioner in Clinical Psychology in the Doctoral Program at UCCS with an emphasis in older adulthood and geropsychology.
Anna brings her perspective earned through a challenging upbringing, her work with aging adults, her role as a research coordinator, and as a loving human on the planet about the value of asking for help.
She learned some tough lessons as a supervisor about vulnerability and where she had originally learned to do things on her own.
Lessons Anna and Shannon Cover:
-the value of transparency
-Brene Brown's teaching on vulnerability
-the gift we offer others when we ask for help
-beliefs in deserving to be safe, worthy and feeling good
-challenging beliefs about being a burden when we ask for help
-"Permission to be open to other people's open arms"
-Why we don't have to make life as hard as it sounds to get through things alone
For additional help in asking for help and other steps of support please contact Shannon directly:

Support the show (http://www.innerpeacerising.com)

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