We Need to Talk about Your Liver with Karla Adkins: A story of recovery and freedom from drinking and liver disease.

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Karla Adkins is a Certified Senior Coach through This Naked Mind, and the author of And She Came Tumbling Down- Breaking the bonds of alcohol and creating a life of freedom.

Karla is on a health journey and proudly 8 years alcohol free. She bravely shares her story of drinking, quitting, and living with cirrhosis of the liver. Karla’s eyes are no longer tinged with the dull yellow of shame, secrets, and sickness but bright white with hope, light and healing.

If you are scared about the health consequences of your drinking, please listen to this inspiring episode, read Karla's book, and know that there is hope and healing.

We talk about:

  • Karla’s experience with drinking
  • The jobs Karla gave alcohol
  • Feeling different from other people
  • The spectrum of Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Karla’s experience with liver disease
  • Signs of poor liver function
  • Ways to prevent liver disease
  • And more!

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Listen to the Alcohol Tipping Point episode on liver and alcohol: Alcohol Tipping Point: Day 5 of the 7 Day Alcohol Free Challenge: Alcohol and your liver on Apple Podcasts

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