Finding Freedom from Alcohol with Molly Desch

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Molly Desch joins the show to talk about finding freedom from alcohol.

Molly has a degree in Psychology, is a certified coach and has years of experience dealing with alcohol. She helps people shift from “I Can’t Do This” to “I F*king Got This” and experience the freedom of life without alcohol.

We chat about:

  • Molly’s experience with drinking and how she got sober
  • What someone can do to prepare to get sober
  • Top tips for anyone looking to quit or cut back on drinking
  • How you can prevent slip ups
  • Getting out of shame spirals and mom guilt
  • The challenges of drinking in corporate work culture
  • And more!

Find Molly:

Instagram: @sobermober_asyouare

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100 Questions to Change Your Drinking:

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