From Prison to Purpose with Martin Lockett

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Martin is a writer, speaker, and substance abuse counselor with a master's in psychology. He served almost 18 years in prison for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) that tragically took the lives of 2 people who were volunteers in the drug and alcohol recovery community. Martin chose to honor them by dedicating his life to helping others through addiction counseling and drinking and driving prevention.

We talk about:

  • Martin’s life growing up in a crime ridden Portland, Oregon
  • The role of alcohol in helping manage feelings of inadequacy and depression
  • The car crash that changed everything
  • Finding meaning in prison by helping others
  • DUI impact panels as a healing part of restorative justice
  • Navigating forgiveness, shame, and regret
  • The shock and awe of returning to freedom after 17.5 years in prison

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Instagram: @martinllockett


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