When Work is the Reason You Drink with Katharine Pope

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Katharine Pope, crime scene specialist and forensic investigator, joins the show to talk about the challenges of people in high stress jobs. Katharine started Forensics Found to help first responders manage burnout and navigate a fulfilling personal and professional life. Kat is happily alcohol free and coaching others to let go of the habits holding them back.

We chat about

  • How Kat quit drinking
  • The unique role of first responders
  • Why it’s difficult to ask and get help in your work setting
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and drinking
  • The role of alcohol in death investigations
  • Tips for responders and other workers to stay healthy and cope without alcohol
  • And more...

Find Kat:

Website: https://www.forensicsfound.com/

Instagram: @responders_lastcall

Facebook Group: Responders: Last Call

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