Tribe Sober - inspiring an alcohol free life!

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How do I stop drinking? How do I cut down? Am I drinking too much? I’m sober but why aren’t I happy? Why do people stop drinking? If you ask yourself these kind of questions then this podcast is for you. This show is for people who want to learn how to stop drinking and learn to thrive in their alcohol free lives. If you have given up drinking, would like to give up drinking or are just plain sober curious this weekly podcast is for you. We have recovery stories to inspire you, experts to inform you and QuitLit authors to entertain you. After struggling with alcohol dependency for years Janet Gourand finally ditched the booze in 2015. She founded in 2015 and has helped hundreds of people to ditch the booze and thrive in their sobriety since then. Tribe Sober offer a membership, workshops, challenges and recovery coaching. For more info go to or email

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