What can I do through health benefits to really retain my critical talent?

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In this episode, Leigh and Sally’s guest, Cristie Upshaw Travis talks about the role of health benefits in employee recruitment and retention. Employers need to know, “What can I do through health benefits to really retain my critical talent that I have now, and then recruit in case some of that talent decides to go elsewhere?” Cristie is really focused on trying to get employers to think about both the short-term and the long-term ways in which they can position benefits for recruitment and retention. Employees are looking for affordable benefits. If they can't make their payroll deduction at a reasonable rate to get health insurance benefits, or they can't afford the deductible or the copays, it's really not much of a benefit for them. Employees typically focus on primary care strategies, where it’s usually just part of the package in most plans. This episode covers accountability, ratings, and what employers need to expect from their providers to best serve their current and future employees. Listen to this episode where our guest answers this question, “If there's one question that you would add to the RFP or recommend that employers ask, what would it be?” as well as this one, “Can you explain what these ratings mean and how the numbers, how the rating system works?” About Leigh and Sally's Guest: Cristie Upshaw Travis has been Chief Executive Officer of the Memphis Business Group on Health since 1994, when she returned home to Memphis after living and working for 20 years throughout the Southeast, including Washington, D.C. During her time away, Cristie earned her Master of Science degree in Health Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She launched her career serving in health administration and planning positions in Tupelo, Miss., and Tuscaloosa, Ala. She progressed to consulting with continuing care retirement communities, hospitals, and physicians with Ernst & Whinney in Memphis, Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. She continued her rise in the healthcare arena as Vice President for a Washington, D.C.-based healthcare consulting firm. Cristie's main objective is to deliver the most promising strategies to Memphis employers to help them manage the cost and quality of their health benefit plans. To help meet this objective, she networks with and is involved in, health care organizations and initiatives at a national level.

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