Mind Matters Innovations live from thINc360 in Baltimore

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Solutions in Mental Crisis Care, Diminished Tasting Abilities, and Getting a Baseline in Your Health Sally talks to three guests from three companies with unexpected, needed and outstanding products and services. We hope you agree. First is Liftid founder, Ken Davidov. He reveals their three products. Their first product is a focus stimulator with the drugs - it's all based on electric currents. You can find out more here, https://www.getliftid.com/ . Another one about to launch hits home for a lot of people dealing with taste issues due to long COVID symptoms. You'll want to follow their company and listen to his portion of this episode. Next up is Antu Afswa, Partner Relationship Manager from Mind 24-7. Mind24-7 offers three levels of care: express care, crisis care and stabilization, and progressions. They bridge the gap and alleviate pressures off the healthcare system to benefit the patient quickly. For up to 90 days, they work with patients, one-on-one therapy, medication management. They could either be waiting for placement at an inpatient center. They could be waiting for and needing help maybe for social determinants. For some of our adults, maybe they need help getting into a sober living situation, or maybe a homeless shelter. If they have a family walk into one of their centers, we would have a place to send them that would house them, and take care of their mental health needs as well as physical needs. See if they can help you or your family here, https://www.mind24-7.com/. Finally, BrainCheck's Chief Growth Officer, Matthew Cerullo, Chief Growth Officer joins Sally. BrainCheck provides a tool to primary care physicians and frontline providers that allows them to analyze, assess, and gain access to the data needed to actually get to a diagnosis or understand what's going on with the patient that is expressing mental decline or cognitive impairment. One of the things that they focus on is not just getting to a diagnosis, but really understanding cognitive health specifically in a clinical capacity. A lot of employers are looking to give a solution to their members or their employees that help them understand where they're at and, what they might need to watch out for in the future. The other area that they work with is on the Workman comp side. You can explore all of their services on their site, https://braincheck.com/.

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