Integrated 360 Care Makes Continuity of Care Possible, and Affordable for Employers

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The employer groups see their healthcare spending continuing to increase because their employees’ use of urgent care and emergency rooms continues to increase. Leigh and Sally’s guest is Dr. Heather Towery, Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Enterprise Partnerships of Eden Health. In this episode, Dr. Towery discusses longitudinal care and the importance of continuity of care. Eden health is an intentional virtual first primary care platform that takes care of people's longitudinal health needs but also integrates that with mental health and physical therapy and also some in-person offices where people could be seen if they need to be seen. It could be six months or eight months for somebody to get to see a psychologist. Eden Health says they can cut that time to four days. Listen to this episode and consider options to better serve your employees with a continuity of care, without having your costs spiral.

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