The Flip Side #91 - How To Make $200K/Month Selling Courses, LIVE Workshops & Webinars w/ Sell What You Know Founder Alex Smale

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Alex Smale is the Founder and CEO of Sell What You Know. Alex has been a coach and digital marketer for over 15 years. He has coached and mentored thousands of students all over the world on how to be more successful online.

He has always been a technical expert, programming his first computer game aged just 4, and making computer games for 10 years. Been a pub manager, a zoo manager, and a photographer. And developed an award-winning virtual reality technology, Immersicare™ to help people living with dementia. He began digital marketing at the dawn of the social media age working in a variety of sectors including leisure, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and photography. Alex now dedicates all of his time to the clients and team at Sell What You Know™ helping them to have a positive impact on the world by helping people to overcome the problems and challenges they have, with the knowledge and experience you have.

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00:00 Intro

00:25 Meet Alex Smale

02:30 Wetherspoons Pub Manager

03:00 Professional Photography

03:55 Zoo Keeping & Digital Marketing

05:20 Affiliate Marketing

06:00 Sell What You Know

09:00 Making Money Online

10:50 Guaranteed Success

12:15 Stepping Up The Game

14:20 High-Quality Adverts

17:05 Being Upfront & Authentic

18:00 Building Trust

18:50 One Call Close

20:25 How To Make People Show-up

22:15 Offer Building Weekly Workshops

24:55 Conducting Live Workshop

26:05 Workshop Show Up Rate

27:35 Value-Led Journey

28:50 Building The Best Salesteam

30:30 Commission Only Salesperson

32:30 Innovations & Motivations

34:30 How To Stay Calm

35:10 Business Troubleshooting

35:30 Ad Fatigue

36:20 Testing New Creatives

37:15 The Marketing Gap

38:55 Cold Traffic Advice

40:45 Outro

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