The Flip Side #92 - Fascinating Facts About Marijuana You Should Know w/ Cannabis Consultant & Product Reviewer The Diligent Dabber

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Diligent Dabber is a cannabis consultant, enthusiast, and cannabis product reviewer. He gained his knowledge through personal cannabis research and working in the industry.

Diligent Dabber is passionate about sharing his cannabis knowledge and empowering patients and recreational users alike to take an active and mindful role in their cannabis choice and experience.

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00:00 Intro

00:25 Meet The Diligent Dabber

01:30 Smoking Routine

02:10 All Around Perfect Companion

03:05 Random Testing

04:10 Team Building Exercise

05:05 Ice Catcher Bong

05:45 Edibles

07:05 Cannabis Consulting

08:45 Terpenes

09:20 Cannabis Strains

11:10 Autoflowers

12:50 Cannabis Effects

13:50 Cannabis Strain Reviews

14:35 Creating New Cannabis Strains

15:25 The Afghani & The Durban

16:40 Sativa vs Indica

19:25 Cannabis Medical Benefits

20:15 The Perfect Formula

22:50 The Ayahuasca Purple

25:00 Growing Seeds

26:00 The Cold Start Dab

27:15 The Stacking Method

28:45 Dry Herb Vaporizer

30:00 Joint vs Vape

31:40 Edible Hacks

33:00 Weed Quality

36:15 Use The Hemp Wick

36:55 The Mold Problem

38:45 Storing Weeds

39:55 Old School Dealing

40:35 The First Time

41:40 What Did It For Me

42:35 How To Get My Job

43:50 Consulting Gigs

44:30 A Dad Who Dabs

45:15 Consulting Advice

45:40 Outro

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