The Flip Side #90 - Drug Research & Development, Hepatitis Cures, Blue Zone Diet w/ Renowned Hepatologist & Liver Research Scientist Prof. Jacob George

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Professor Jacob George is a renowned hepatologist and liver research scientist who studies the causes of and mechanisms for the development of liver disease and liver cancer.

Professor George’s work has made significant contributions to clinical practice. His team first identified the role of interferon lambda 3 gene polymorphisms for predicting treatment response in chronic hepatitis C, and a second gene polymorphism that interacts with interferon lambda 3. These discoveries are considered major advances in the field and the finest examples of ‘personalized medicine'.

Professor George was an author of the groundbreaking study of combination telaprevir, pegylated interferon, and ribavirin therapy for hepatitis C, which changed the landscape of hepatitis C treatments, heralding the era of direct-acting antivirals. His work identifying insulin resistance as the universal underlying pathophysiological abnormality in fatty liver disease underpins the majority of research on this condition and is the cornerstone of current therapy (lifestyle intervention; exercise; insulin-sensitizing agents). He also first described the association between hepatitis C and insulin resistance.

Professor George is an advisor to Hepatitis Australia, the Transfusion Related AIDS and Infectious Diseases Service, and at state and national levels, on viral hepatitis. He oversees research for the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of Liver. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease.

Professor Jacob George MBBS, FRACP, Ph.D., FAASLD


00:00 Intro

00:20 Meet Prof. Jacob George

01:00 Professors In The Hospital

02:30 KPIs For Delivering Clinical Care

03:40 Research & Academic KPIs

05:00 Medical Research Method

06:10 Mice Lab Testing

08:30 How Washing Hands Saved Lives

09:40 Pathophysiology Cycle

11:40 Curing Hepatitis C

12:30 Designing Drugs

14:40 Growing Virus In The Lab

16:00 Hepatitis B Breakthroughs

18:40 Virus Reservoir Forms

20:40 Eliminating Dormant Virus

22:00 Early Phase Human Studies

24:30 Long Term Side Effects

24:50 Thalidomide Scandal

26:00 Clinical Trials

27:00 Post Marketing Research

29:05 Cost vs Benefit

29:45 Independent Experts

31:55 The Covid Vaccines

33:15 Do Masks Work?

35:30 Does Vaccine Works?

37:20 Personal Risk Factors

37:55 The Old Man’s Friend

39:05 The Immune Response

41:30 The Immune System

43:05 Natural Immunity

44:30 Immune System Memory

46:15 Average Human Lifespan

47:00 Healthy Aging

48:20 Cancer Development

50:50 The Blue Zone Diet

53:35 Social Constructs On Food Behavior

55:20 The Agricultural Age

57:30 Nutritional Ecology

59:25 Child Rearing Experiment

01:02:15 Knowledge Dissemination

01:04:10 Just A Speck

01:04:35 Outro

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