Episode 171: 3 Ways To Find Fulfillment During Tough Times

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In the midst of a pandemic, a potential recession, layoffs, inflation, and a myriad of personal problems, how do you find personal fulfillment, happiness and meaning? Tune in to Dr. John’s interview with author, Lloyd Roberts, to find out!

Topics Covered:

How to reprogram your unconscious mind to align it with your dreams & aspirations?

What is the 7-step process to increase your levels of gratitude, growth, and giving for lasting personal fulfillment?

What are some standard tools that cultivate greater personal fulfillment and happiness?

Lloyd Roberts is a dedicated husband, father, and serial entrepreneur who loves business and investing. Before he cofounded a tech unicorn, a company with a billion-dollar valuation, Lloyd had many ups and downs as an entrepreneur, with each new venture teaching him lessons about what to do, and not do, in business. Lloyd has been nominated for several entrepreneur-focused awards. In 2021, his tech company was recognized by Inc. 5000 as the 21st fastest-growing software company in the country. In his book, G Cubed, Lloyd champions the idea of living an intentional life, where life happens for you, not to you. He hopes to inspire others by sharing his journey and discovery of a personal fulfillment formula that can be used by anyone to become truly fulfilled. Learn more at www.gcubedformula.com.

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