Episode 165: The Most Harmful Emotion Men Face Today: Shame in Men Part 1

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The Man Box - the rules about what it means to be a “real man” that we learn from society as we grow up. When you ask 1000’s of male teenagers the simple question, “What does it take to be a ‘real man’?” you will get very similar answers. These answers sound like,

Provide for the family.

Don’t be a sissy.

Don’t back down.

Don’t ask for help.

Don’t turn down sex.

Don’t have needs.

Don’t lose.

Don’t act like a girl.

And …men don’t feel.

And therein is a huge problem. The problem is that, along with being men, we are also human. And one of the primary things humans do is feel.

So we are faced with a rule deeply drilled into us by movies, sports, social media, elders and peers - Be stoic. Don’t feel.

And, simultaneously, we are human, and we have a biological imperative to feel. Without emotions, we wouldn’t know what to approach and what to avoid. So what happens when a societal rule comes into conflict with a biological imperative? What happens when this occurs over and over?

Join Dr. John for a solocast on the most powerful and damaging emotion men struggle with today…and have no idea it exists in them — on The Evolved Caveman Podcast.

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