Al Interviews Charlie Kratsch | Founder & CEO of Infinite Campus on Topic of $1M Prize to Develop Mental Health Care Network

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In this episode, Al interviews Charlie Kratsch, founder and CEO of Infinite Campus (recorded 6-1-22). Ten years ago, Charlie's seventeen year-old son had a paranoid, psychotic episode. Charlie realized, this being the first time ever having to access it, how complicated the mental health system is; from a 72-hour hold, to finding a bed hours outside of the city limits for his son, to finding proper after-care.

After this experience, Charlie began to learn more and more about the broken mental health system. In October of 2021, Charlie announced that his foundation, the Infinite Campus Foundation, would be offering a $1 million prize to one or more organizations who would build a web-based, mental health care network.

Hear much more about Charlie's son's psychotic episode and Charlie's struggle to understand the complicated mental health system in order to support his son. Additionally, you'll hear up-to-date information on the $1 million prize money and the plan to begin to develop a one-stop, web-based mental health care network.

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