Picking the Right Music for Your Show

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Trying to find the right sound for your podcast might be one of the toughest part of creating a show but it also might be the most important.
Music creates the energy and the vibe for the podcast and it's usually the first thing a listener will hear when they find your show. So you want to make sure you get it right.
Today we'll bring on one of our lead editors at Third Wheel Media, Dan Irving, who works with clients to pick music and create intros. We'll pick his brain on how he finds the right song and avoids copyright issues, learn more about his background, and hear the world debut of a new financial advisor song set to a rap beat.

Today's show rundown:

1:12 - Introducing Dan Irving
1:57 - Pulling back the curtain on how we pick and use music
3:28 - Helping clients pick a song/sound
4:47 - Favorite part of the job?
5:44 - The two bands Dan is in
7:23 - How to find Dan's music
7:40 - Favorite artists
8:46 - Importance of music in a podcast
9:36 - Creating intros
12:04 - The world debut of 'Cray-Z Money'
Learn more about what we do each day for clients at thirdwheelmedia.com

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