It's Not Just One Thing

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When it comes to successful marketing, it's never just one thing that you can point to and give the credit to. People find you and your business through a variety of channels and often times those channels are working together in some form or fashion. Or better yet, someone might say they heard you or saw you in one place but it was actually another.
Today we're joined by John Stillman, a co-owner at Third Wheel and also the owner of Rosewood Wealth Management. He'll share his strategies for finding and attracting clients and share a few examples of why it's never just one thing that leads to success.
Today's show rundown:
0:32 - Background on this discussion
2:22 - College football analogy
4:17 - Reasons for NFL ratings down
6:15 - Inflation
8:51 - Why you need multiple marketing channels
13:09 - Second client story
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