Restaurant Tech with Popmenu CEO Brendan Sweeney

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I’ve been messing around with hospitality technology as it started developing in the mid 80’s. At that time, most programs were centered om enterprise systems, meaning bean counting programs.

The ever-present digital marketing we know today was in its infancy then. Restaurant owners and end users were left out of the development process that was obviously built by graphic artists and code writers rather than users.

So it came down to a lesser of two evils decision for most operators when it came time to invest in this new digital world. Do I look for the cheapest solution or the easiest to use solution? The problem was that either answer was wrong. Operators were left with high startup costs and complex training for the management team.

Fast forward to the post pandemic heavily bruised restaurant business of the 21st century and every day it becomes clearer to both operators and programmers that in order to strive in the industry, operators need to make marketing, catering and online ordering digitally driven.

So, this is a perfect time for Popmenu to come along with operator driven programs and designs to give the operator a leg up over the competition. Brendan Sweeney is leading his company to be the go to digital marketing experts.

CRM – customer relations management

On Prem – on premise sales (dining room, counter etc)

Off Prem – off premise sales (take-out, delivery, catering etc.)

SMS – short text messages, primarily mobile to mobile


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