Eric Sheffer; Restaurants with Heart by a Serial Entrepreneur

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Eric Sheffer did what may be unthinkable to some or life saving to others and that’s leaving a successful career in advertising and entertainment. Move about 2300 miles to the other side of the country and jump in headfirst into a tough industry known for its difficulty and high failure rate…hospitality.

When I was given the opportunity to talk with Eric, I jumped at the chance mainly to talk about his back story. Most who do what he did have tried and field. Eric describes his success as being able to find the secret sauce that allowed him to make Asheville North Carolina his new home first with fine dining restaurant Savoy which became Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian when the recession made the Savoy secret sauce untenable. Now under the banner of Sheffer Hospitality there’s a second Vinnie’s, fresh seafood place called Jettie Rae’s, a catering company a wine label.

Throughout, Eric has been an active leader in his community through his activism and philanthropy. He calls his drive as being a serial entrepreneur. Always looking for opportunities then jumping in with both feet to make them a success.

The Scheffer Hospitality Group


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