Restaurant Legends; The Baseball Effect

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Unsustainable pricing prevents every single operator from being able to provide a living and equitable wage for their employees, top to bottom. Fear of competition and “the marketplace” keep prices unsustainably low. Conditions that support staff rather than abuse them need to improve. There needs to be a clear path of growth and achievement creating the serious career minded staff. Rather than staff that feel temporary or, “I’m only cooking or waiting tables until something better comes along.

If you back up far enough there was a time when most front of house staff were paid nothing, no wages at all and worked only for tips. During this nascent period of hospitality, the back of the house was expected to work positions that were only one step above indentured servant. Yes, they all, FOH and BOH were working in these conditions to learn the trade they would practice the rest of their lives. Yes, they were working mostly under teachers and mentors that helped mold a staff that cared about the guest.


Central Park Summer - Nicolas Jones

First Morning – Lalo Brickman

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