Mexican Restaurant Revolution; Michael Harvey and Jalisco

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Defining Mexican restaurants as only nachos and chimichangas is much like never looking beyond eggrolls and Chow Mein when trying to describe a Chinese restaurant menu.

On this podcast I have Michael Harvey from Charleston South Carolina talking about Jalisco. A restaurant he and his partner have built examining the depth of Mexican cuisine and introducing his market to the varied ingredients and techniques of Mexico from the indigenous to the modern.

Among other things we discuss is the big chance the first restaurateur who tries to re-define a restaurant style takes when their market may not be ready for the lesson. But, with a strong belief in the power of good food, a little resilience and sometimes deep pockets owners can persevere and find success thus opening the doors for others to follow solidifying the new menu style as the next step in that cuisine.

Whenever you try to be that sunflower in a field of dandelions, you either run the risk of being chopped down because of your uniqueness or become the example for others to follow. That result is still undecided for Michael and Jalisco.

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