S1E15 Vulnerability is the Fertile Soil ft Kenna Cook

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To say that Kenna is a modern hero is an understatement! In this episode, she shared with us her story of teaching hundreds of children in rural places in California. Her commitment and passion to advocate and spread awareness about sexual health and sexual education to kids and teens are astounding!

Topics Covered:

  • Teaching in rural areas of California
  • Kenna’s favorite questions from students
  • Unpacking patriarchy and toxic masculinity in sex ed class
  • Motherhood and addressing sexuality and sex education with your children

About Kenna Cook:

Kenna Cook (she/they) is a career sex educator. They have taught over 10,000 students inclusive, sex-positive health education in classrooms across rural Northern California. Currently, Kenna supervises youth programs that offer peer mentoring to queer youth and teach substance use harm reduction skills. When they aren't advocating for teens, Kenna reads tarot, watches drag queen YouTube channels, and unlearns toxic patterns through parenting her 2 kiddos.

Connect with Kenna Cook:

Instagram: @mama_cook

Website: www.communicarehc.org

About Goddess Cecilia:

Goddess Cecilia is a Sexuality & Pleasure Educator/Consultant who believes that even though most of the ocean remains unexplored, your pleasure doesn’t have to be. She encourages you to dive deep into the depths of your pleasures as a healthy and healing part of self-care. Whether it's through pleasure pod workshops, pampering and pleasure products, or a Vulva/Body Crafts activity, or educating in her finest shells, the Mermaid Goddess helps you relearn and reclaim your pleasure.

You can find the Filipina Mermaid Goddess hosting Pleasure Toy Parties, with Voula the Vulva at a variety of events, on social media during #MermaidMonday, and providing private consultations to those curious about exploring their pleasure. If you’re particularly in her favor, you’ll get to see a flick of her tail as she drops some pearls of wisdom.

Connect with Goddess Cecilia:

Website: http://www.goddesscecilia.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goddesscecilia/

Clubhouse: @goddesscecilia

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoddessCecilia

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