S1E14 The Cheese Stands Alone ft. Kate Murray aka Velvet O'Claire

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Let’s talk burlesque with Kate Murray! Our guest in this episode brings stand-alone cheese and milk in a wine glass - because she is a mothaf*cking adult and we are here for it! That sums up the vibe of this episode and we're sure you’re going to love it as much as we did!
Kate shared her story as a theater artist, burlesque dancer, educator, and social justice activist and how it all intertwined.

Topics Covered:

  • Kate’s story in acting and burlesque
  • How we can do so much and not stick to binary concepts
  • Is selling sex toys sex work?
  • Bringing sex education and social justice awareness in English Education
  • Gender in language

About Velvet O'Claire:

Kate Murray, aka Velvet O'Claire, is one of those people who's ready to replace her bio with a bullet-point list. She's based in Orlando, FL, and does a ton of varied work revolving around storytelling, communication, and intimacy. Emerging from the pandemic with a renewed focus on acting and teaching, she also has a background in burlesque and sexuality education. She's embracing the trend of November this year, working to prioritize what lights her up and saying NO to the things that don't!

Connect with Velvet O'Claire:

Instagram: @VelvetOClaire for burlesque goodness, and @whiskeytheatrefactory

Website: http://www.velvetoclaire.com/

About Goddess Cecilia:

Goddess Cecilia is a Sexuality & Pleasure Educator/Consultant who believes that even though most of the ocean remains unexplored, your pleasure doesn’t have to be. She encourages you to dive deep into the depths of your pleasures as a healthy and healing part of self-care. Whether it's through pleasure pod workshops, pampering and pleasure products, or a Vulva/Body Crafts activity, or educating in her finest shells, the Mermaid Goddess helps you relearn and reclaim your pleasure.

You can find the Filipina Mermaid Goddess hosting Pleasure Toy Parties, with Voula the Vulva at a variety of events, on social media during #MermaidMonday, and providing private consultations to those curious about exploring their pleasure. If you’re particularly in her favor, you’ll get to see a flick of her tail as she drops some pearls of wisdom.

Connect with Goddess Cecilia:

Website: http://www.goddesscecilia.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goddesscecilia/

Clubhouse: @goddesscecilia

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoddessCecilia

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