S2021 Ep43: 043 – Let's talk about Leadership

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This isn’t an easy time to be a leader. The newness of the moment, the need to learn new skills, the pressures of decision-making among the vast array of opinions alongside constant changes and the need to generate momentum. So, what are we learning about leadership?

For this conversation, host Rick Hill is joined by Rev David Thompson (Secretary, CCLW), Rev Kathryn Viner (Minister, Malone) and Trevor Long (Clerk, North Belfast Presbytery) to offer a breadth of perspectives.

They discuss developing a shared ethos of leadership, the need to ask good questions that helps generate reflection, building teams of leaders rather than relying on individuals and the benefits of empowering leaders of all ages.

The Kirk Session resource ‘Opening up to God’ is mentioned and can be found here: Opening up to God

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