S2021 Ep42: 042 – Lets talk about the General Assembly

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The General Assembly is meeting next week for the first time since June 2019. This episode looks ahead to the practicalities of what to expect and some of the themes being discussed this year as we are joined by the Moderator of the General Assembly, Rev Dr David Bruce, the Clerk of the General Assembly Rev Trevor Gribben and the Secretary for the Council for Global Mission Rev Uel Marrs. This episode is hosted by Neil Harrison, PCI's Mission Development Officer.

Further information on the General Assembly and each day's business can be found here: www.presbyterianireland.org/Events
Rev Gribben also refers to Climate Sunday, a suite of resources available to help congregations focus on God's creation and humanity's responsibility to be good stewards. Download the resources here: www.presbyterianireland.org/stewardshipofcreation

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