S2021 Ep44: 044 – Let’s talk about restarting our children’s ministry

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Ministry to children and families has been seriously impacted by the pandemic and we may have lost momentum that we had in this ministry previously. So, what are some of the things we need to think about as we restart children’s ministry for this season?
For this conversation, Ruth Bromley is joined by Rev Mark Johnson (minister, St Andrew’s Bangor), Hazel Kyle (volunteer, Glengormley) and Stephanie Houston (Children’s Associate, High Kirk) to share stories and ideas on restarting children’s ministry.
They discuss how the pandemic affected children’s ministry, how things look different in this new season of restarting and share stories and encouragement of what is important to hold tightly to in this season of sharing the Gospel with children and families.
The two resources – updated guidelines and the Simple ways back to children’s ministry video clip – can be found here

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