The Toe Bone's Connected to the Leg Bone

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Catherine Ryan is back!!! Our favorite Canadian former co-host, fascia nerd, and research-positive massage therapist joins us to talk about bringing research into practice. ********** Within Reach: The Quest for Information and Research is February 25-25, 2023. Join us for some learning from the comfort of your home. Grab your Early Bird price now: ********** If you want to learn even more from Cathy (and really, who wouldn't?) Check out her IN PERSON scar class here: ********** About Our Guest: Catherine Ryan RMT: Cath is a nature lover with a penchant for hugging trees and kissing dogs – with their consent of course. She makes a living moving her hands around, primarily in the form of providing massage therapy, writing about massage therapy and while teaching massage therapy related content. Kindness is her favourite color.

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