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Uni-Verse-All ONE of Many Look I'm not the most prolific of Poets & EYE don't deliver-in a Performance style, but like the many Voices that came before & shall come again after Me -EYE also have something to Convey-in Words -as EYE create-in Letters -Sound & Idioms -to Penetrate-in YOUr Mind -as EYE stand Hear & recite -line after sentence -when I'm telling you -Why are you even Listen-in to Me -furthermore who AM EYE -& what do EYE KNOW -as EYE HARRP-in on about Modified Weather -as Man-Made -Religious Con-cepts to keep us Divide-Dead -and what the frick's Holy about War -and Kill-in -this Hue-Man Race to Self Destruction -seems to be the case -A Master -Plan -and it's not about your hand gestures & Symbols -it's about the UN-heard Negative -Energies hid-in a radio gap filler -send-in you Gaga -fanatical -follow-in the wolf in Lizard skin -Try-in to steal-in Soul -control -over the masses -pre-written & pre-planned -& Frick Your One Month Black His-Story -and One day Woman's Celebration -and Pride well everyday EYE A-Wake-In a Supreme Black Woman -Walk-in Rain-Bows and Celebrate-in with Pride -as EYE was Born this way -far from Perfect but EYE Strive-in to be the Best EYE can Be -as -I shed a tear -no fuck-it I shed many -drowned sorrows -of harsh Shituations -thoughts & feel-in -of why's it got to be this way -as EYE urge-in YOUr Spirit -to Follow-in what Feels Intrinsic-in Intuition -is your Link and Connect-in to the Powers that be -whether you call it Jah Allah Buddha God -It truly is ALL -ONE - EYE bare my Soul -as EYE don’t fear-in No Consequence -when I’m keeping it real -using Article 19 -of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -I fight -big bro -all day -and all night -my feelings -this -is the not so Great Britain -the UN-united Queen-Doom -well fuck them -and fuck her Majesty -Demonic lizard -with its Crime-Minister and Govern-Meant -to Breed us -yeah that's polite for fuck-in us up -with its Shitstyem -Socially Engineer-in -& Designed to confuse-in the masses of the Blind-dead Sheeple -when in Truth there is only ONE Real -Frequency and Energy -EYE choose to call it LOVE or 528Hz -EYE guess it just depend-in on where YOUr Vibrate-in at -Above or Be-Low -as many of you and maybe even some of you Listen-in but not Hear-in Now are Lost and empty Gap fill-in Vessels and Spiritual Vampires, tell Me what do YOU do for YOUr individual Growth and Ascension-in this Collective Uni-Verse-All Spiral -as ONE-of Many -Appreciate that which you don't got & be thank full & Great-full for All the Bless-ins YOU do have -for -YOUr Essence is a Power-Full Manifestation of All that is -A-Maze-In -this Life -We Live-in -as EYE SUN-Gaze-In -Fuel-in -My Melanin -Revitalise-in -My Soul -as EYE Activate-in -DNA -Shape-Shift-in Geometric Ripples -as Shadow-Drum-in YOUr Mind -OUR Ancient Ancestors Spirit Dance-in FREE -Resonate -With-in -All that's Real -as this Beat-in Sound -is a Cosmic Funk-in through OUR Collective -Uni-Verse-All -ONE of Many...

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