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Half – Breed Being a mixed race female in Britain, “you red mixed race, white-washed coconut, go black home” Nothing’s new, I’ve heard it all before like in the 1970’s, racism’s still at the forefront of controversy Ethnic cleansing to religious defending, I’m just trying to blend in Half white, but my post-traumatic senses show me how the black man feels Half black, but my instinct knows how the white man sees me Half my life in a white environment & the other half in a black and multi cultural environment Constantly asked “what do you feel more, black or white”, such a stupid yet vital question Reflecting thought’s of young & confused, no knowledge of black people & no sense of being black Racist chants & physical scars let me know I was different & not white, a coconut oblivious Reality kicked in teenage years, ignorant & proud to be different, proud to be black & yet still lost Angry & rebellious I confronted the negative arrogance of the white man Questioned & teased by the black man, beyond a lost world of what am I, black, white or mixed Messages & thought’s stirred my soul, as my 3rd eye opened I started to see Everything & all exists by sharing and co-operation, a mixed amalgamation of life as we know it Eye’s share this poem as your brain evokes emotion & feeling, that waters a seed that feeds your soul I am what I am, I am who I am, happy, contented & proud I wouldn’t want to be any other I’m a 30yr old mixed race female, a single parent to my son 10½yrs old, I'm just an energy Residing in this body to learn and grow, finding me was a hard yet wonderful discovery Before I go, I’m exposing super powers and governments who dictate how you must live your life Love is the most powerful word & feelings of energy, as “Garnish particles” revitalizes your soul Essence of existence, is this precise moment that you are consciously aware your alive and living In a pool of ripple effects feeling & spreading love to our unborn great, great grandchildren 2093, 70yrs from now medical & technological advancements of clones experiencing world war 4 A second coming of sarcasm, along the lines of subliminal evil witches & devils going crazy Times a concept almost run out, love yourself & those that feel & receive the energy Pray for the deceiving Rothschild’s & Rockefellers, a spiritual pedigree of the controlling minority Now back to me, I’m just Melanie trying to be free from a society that’s trying to keep an eye on me No different to you or anybody, colour is apparent and insignificant Racist dynamics of spiritual elements in DNA is the objective & the key Unlock the puzzle & set your self-free, hippy talking, Shakespearian bible bashing 60’s throw back God is real, real is love, love is life, life is sharing, sharing is word’s of peace & harmony Being a mixed race female in Britain, is like being me, like your being you, you just are, as it just be In the center of the maze of life, this poem just stop’s as it just be Princess Lay Lay© INSTIGATOR© Melanie Layton. 11 February 2003

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