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Modest Intuition Well I can’t chat and I can’t rap But that don’t mean I'm gonna stand here and chat crap And I know your thinking this sounds wack, as I feel the crowd and work my nerves Well linguistically it’s a play on words as I flip the script Manipulating matter and if your mind don’t matter God’s body of Christ is golden brown, such a true and relevant factor Garnish particles, as it’s a spiritual essence of pen to paper, and then later when I’m dead and gone God is so real and true like I know I’m not wrong, my positive energy carry’s a rippled effect Love is life, life is living, living is sharing and sharing is this This is not the Vatican, this is time to reflect, 7 lines on and there’s not much time left Planet X aligning heaven and stars, face on the moon or is it the disciples from mars Time traveling I’ve gone to far, same world different dimension Non fictional documentary’s casting Dick Cheney, Bush, Blair right through to Eisenhower Lizard men govern alien technology, “They Live” -underneath national security Freedom of disinformation act’s -like SARS, a 30th century andromeda strain Black budgets of 2000 years environmentally unfriendly Man made a 10 million mile hole and growing elnino I spit this lyric on an electro magnetic wave Molecules vibrate heating and fueling chemical reactions, causing confusions From cosmic comets to captive EBE’s in S4 A54, it’s not subliminal but criminal For those of the know (J Rod) Children suffer in the devils playground as he gets them young and programs the rules Chemically food causes a reaction, modified and soon becoming 1984 9-5, bills and rent, buy, buy, buy and nothing more Without a 3-minute warning how can we teach of a new age dawning I know it’s the same old words and you find them boring Lucifer won’t stop just by ignoring, sleeping and snoring Public sector becomes private sector, as a 125 derails again and again, it’s the same old same old Thatcher continues with globalisation, as us the civilians feel and see realisations Spiritual awaking and a higher meaning to my Nubian Nation WHO distributed Aids, tax returns for the rich and greedy A bullet and gun, some crack and some smack for the struggling and needy All in relation from Adam to Eve, dust to dust, ashes to ashes Mathematical signs of decoded crop circles, patiently I wait Heavens above the crystly city as, the mother ship ascends A second coming, another helping of lyrics and words Verse by verse and I didn’t need to fuck shit and curse Surgically I’ll mess you up, quieten you down and shut you up Leave you crippled, dribbling when I’m plugging Phi Life Cypher keeping it real Like Deal real I’m the real deal, as I penetrating force fields Life’s preoccupied us, wrapping us up in a false sense of timing Climbing new levels, Mount Zion, it’s an adventure when experiencing this Aquarian Superior words prophercised, my poetry’s like an aquarium colourfull and wonderful Living like house on the prairie, I’m fine and dandy Fuck the lies, I’m an illusion, a figment of your imagination An INSTIGATOR© of conscience and a Princess Lay Lay to all and any “non-sense” Princess Lay Lay © Melanie Layton. 17th May 2003.

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