Land Of The Lied...

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Land of the lied You fabricated the situation that you hated While wasting time on issues debated Well I’m the Instigator who sooner or later Meets you the player hater A sign post in the land of the lied and lost Soul destroyed and ripped off A canvass of bent truths and 9-5, a struggle to survive Of big brothers eye of deception I make no exceptions; I’m a chocolate soldier A genetic throwback two thousand years Enlightened without fears of history and knowledge At collage I mastered I got your PHD in Caucasian And now I’m going to teach you some Nigerology I have a way with words, hit you most where it hurts Like when your relation buggered you under Made you sit and wonder Lyrically I fucked up your case Break beats and base, in your 9-5 rats race Beats per minute, rap soul I’ll cut in rhyme for the meek and humble Over revelations we stumble I’m on a mission, through my eyes I see Gods vision Wiseable new levels, words of consciousness As I confess to hypocrital bishops and popes As the DEA keeps pushing the dope Your third eye arguing a habit to kick Brain dead and thick, shit happens Lea becks well sorted, and you got to be cruel to be kind I’m a mixed race fact, black and white, rich and poor Eating of the same shit we are fed A chip so deep embedded like shackles connecting our head Stealing our souls they’re taking and underground complex of science in the making Like atoms heat seeking and precise You best to believe the hype as I penetrate your mental-psyche Of political poetry I recite, about aggravated police defiance, and no right against violence National insurance and yeah what assurance of social security and tel-lie-vision Genocide in assignation of white house implications Mathematical data in pyramids, abused I call it theft, there’s nothing left A silent cry of a dying mans heart Abruptly the sound ceaces to start Instigator© Melanie Layton Oct 2002

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