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A Meek & Humble Up Yours Yes I am a terrorist if that means I’m anti government Yes I’m a suicide bomber if my faith is a religion Yes I’m a fanatic & mad woman if I’m an over believer Yes I will fight to the death for love & my convictions Jesus is black, fact is he flew away on a golden chariot God knows why he suffered for our sins There’s a thin line between belief & faith, love & hate To date Armageddon’s still arriving, to late to reach the truth Biblical concepts & misguided soul’s walk the earth alone, where no-body goes Persecuted the Son of God, & what of the children of God the demons forgot A world so corrupt full of lies, like we live in a fallacy throughout present & future history Don’t ignore me up here on my soapbox Run & hide like the devil in the Vatican, governed by new world order Spit the truth as I see a forked tongue & sister company of Rothschild’s holocaust Council of foreign relations inherited demonic spiritual pedigree Mystical elements of particles in life So hard to live – just alive, every breath I breath silently I’m screaming out load My sole existence, that I’m even here, I know God is real with the severity of my life I give to thee in whatever form you be cruising worlds & galaxies Every day on this earth they rip away a piece of you is apart of me Blind us & it gets hard to see I long to be by your side again happy and free My whole life you held my hand & rescued me, like parasites we are unworthy I ask for forgiveness in all of my wrongs & love & humbleness to make them right Our Mayan descendants & Inca cousins left the truth, on vanishing late in the night The earth in minute, the universe is plentiful & bigger than 10% brain use can comprehend Creations of Gods experimenting, heavens above the clouds so high, like a UFO in the sky 3 Wise men knew right then, like I know right now Satan is a coward lonely & taunted, being inside it’s self, being him The second coming is arriving, while conniving devils dissecting everything History in the making, as I speak there destroying & remaking, trying to be like Gods Ready to battle in the apocalypse of the end time Long overdue & only a few true warriors on the front line 144 thousand & ready to be counted, forget crime stoppers, I’m coming forward Confessing I am a terrorist of a lyrical kind & words are my weapon of choice A solider in the terrorist regiment, tired of hiding, I’m coming out full guns blazing Reciting & indicting & ready to start fighting My tongues loaded at 75 words a minute Diminish responsibility & say what I want when I put pen to paper Like it is a holy war, guess that makes me Jihad, Taliban of Al Queda Sad the fact the truth is twisted propped up gander hidden behind a bush of Tony’s lies Thousands die as the innocent watch on and cry Why is it I see lizard men in tie & suites Demonic governments around table of nine Discussing science & medical food for society teachers & preachers Lying & spying, believing what you see A glitch in the matrix you realises to see Robbed of your sanity in a 9-5 pod, dissect the planet leaving no-one sanctuary Literally spiritually I won the battle Thankfully my 3rd eye is open to see & with poetic justice I burn the Brit/Usa flag Proudly I sing out load a solider ready for action Formerly INSTIGATOR© Now Freelaylay Melanie Layton 27th March 2004

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