@JemuelWong - On the steps to becoming a Sneaker-Blogger

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@JemuelWong gets sent incredible shoes as a job. But how many does he actually own?
You'll find out in this episode.
He also has a tattoo of one of the major shoe brands on his ankle.
Well, he’s a sneaker influencer who somehow also finds time to be a full-time nurse, taking care of those who need it and be a husband and father to two children, three cats and one dog. You may even hear his cat, Honey during this chat.
We were fascinated to hear about the steps Jemuel took to become a sneaker influencer and the huge community and culture surrounding... well.. shoes!
In this episode Jem tells us about how he got into the game, how he ended up with the dream long term brand partnership and his thoughts on approaching collabs and managing expectations.
Jem is proof that sometimes your love for something can turn into work and when it lands at your feet... you run with it.
Ok, no more shoe puns.
Jem says:
I enjoy taking photos of shoes, but I don't do this to gain clout, oddly enough, I do it because I find great enjoyment in sharing my appreciation for the shoes that I own. Every time I capture the perfect angle of a pair of sneakers, I get to relive that same exciting feeling that's comparable to unboxing the shoes for the very first time.
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Adobe Suite
His FAVE shoe brand
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