@Livewithelle - On media kits, what to charge and sisterly advice

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If you have ever wondered what it’s like to work on the brand side in this business, while also being on the side of the creator, you are in for a good listen.
@Livewithelle is someone a lot of people in this business look up to (myself included). She is an outspoken advocate for legitimising the industry of influencing and has written a number of articles on the topic. Think of her like your big sister on the internet.
In this episode she gives specific advice on what brands should look for when approaching influencers and advice for influencers who want to book more work.

Ellie is a lifestyle and travel blogger who studied journalism in Australia, before moving to the UK in search of adventure. While there, she met her partner Joe, who is a regular guest on her instagram. These days she is back in Australia, studying to become a primary school teacher while keeping up with her loyal fanbase who love to read her articles and tips on food, fashion, fitness and all the different ways to Live. With Elle.

Ellie is proof you can start out with an idea and as life adapts your feed can too. We hope you love this chat as much as we loved chatting with Ellie.

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