Charis Pixie - On fashion and wine. Full time.

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Ever wondered what it’s like to create content full time?
Today on the show we sat down with the lovely Charis Pixie who told us about what it’s like to do the whole “influencing thing” full time.
She spoke about the benefits of having an agent as well as her business decision to start a podcast that she managed to secure a sponsor for before they even launched!
We discussed the issues with brands sending her products without asking her first and their expectations for free content in return. Charis creates incredibly beautiful content and I admire her dedication to “getting the shot”... even if her partner doesn’t want to help out. She NAILS it!
She also confessed her (not-so-secret) obsession with a very famous series… which her and producer James bonded over.
Charis Pixie is a social media content creator living in Sydney.
She mainly posts fashion content with some wine thrown in because who doesn’t love wine?!
She has her own fashion label
Silkwolfe and also hosts the podcast @finevinesandwine


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